Let’s match your passion to a position.

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We love discovering new talent, so we work to create a connection with our people right from the start.

This quick overview of how we hire will help you be better prepared to become an Urban Scientist.

1. Submitting your resume

Once submitted, your resume will be reviewed. If you meet the qualifications for the position, your resume will be forwarded to the hiring team for consideration.

2. First contact

Candidates selected for phone screen will be contacted to schedule a call to discuss the position, our company culture, and your background / experience. The candidate will also receive an overview of our company benefits.

3. Interview

Candidates selected for interview will meet several members of the hiring team to further explore the position and a potential mutual fit. You can expect one to two rounds of interviews, depending on the position. These interviews could be in person or virtually.

4. Becoming a member of the team

If you are the final candidate, the position will be offered to you. Once the position is accepted, we will run a background check (where applicable by law) and prepare for your onboarding.

Our tips for
your success

For phone screens or video interviews, make sure you have a good connection and are in a quiet place with limited background noise, if possible.

Our tips for
your success

Review the job description and your resume in detail before phone screens and interviews to familiarize yourself with the qualifications of the position and refresh yourself with your experience. Be prepared to demonstrate your experience and skills through sharing examples of your work and the contributions you have made.

Our tips for
your success

If the position you applied for includes programming languages or technology (for example, SQL), it might be good to do a little refreshing on the basics / principles involved, especially if you have not used them for a while.

Our tips for
your success

Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for clarification in relation to the position, team, company, or culture of the organization.

Our tips for
your success

We are hoping you are the one for the position, so please relax and be yourself!

Job Opportunities

If you’re ready to work in an environment that is as dedicated to the team as it is to clients, choose the position that matches your skills and passions. While we have jobs in many different departments and disciplines, they all have one thing in common: They’re fulfilling.

Technology Development


From concept to launch, you bring big ideas to the table and break down challenges to their core. As a conceptual thinker who knows your way around a programming language or two, you’ll design and develop features within existing and new cutting-edge software applications and provide technical support to our clients worldwide.


Internal Technology Operations


Working in IT Ops, you’ll be the one holding everything together. You’ll be a problem-solver — working in a fast-paced environment, supporting local and global networks. You’ll be responsible for troubleshooting, setting up new users, monitoring server activity, and providing ongoing technical support and recommendations. You’ll assist in the global rollout of various technologies that serve to solve the problems of our clients and enhance the lives of your fellow employees.


Solution Strategist


You’re a powerhouse of thinking and capability. You’re an expert in the solutions that solve our clients’ mission-critical challenges. You’ll scour the globe to understand industry trends and partner with our client teams to create solutions that lead us to the forefront of the industry.


Account Management


We’re looking for problem solvers and thought leaders. If you’re someone who is beyond curious, you’ll never be short of challenges to investigate and solve. You’ll work to establish and grow client relationships, becoming a master of their business. You’ll use your skills to solve the problems that keep your clients up at night. Seize the opportunities and you will make a difference in the world’s largest, most complex organizations.


Support Teams


The backbone of our organization. No matter what support team you’re on, from finance to marketing and from human resources to project management, you will provide crucial day-to-day operations that enable the company to achieve greatness.




Life at Urban Science

Urban Science

    Proactive network management to connect today’s consumers with automotive more efficiently.


    Uncover what really impacts daily performance to grow market share.


    Bring customers back to increase service retention and build long-term loyalty.


    Scientific precision to make every marketing dollar work harder.



Dealership Service

Across myriad industry shifts and evolutions, healthy dealership service operations have powered thriving dealerships.

Urban Science gift-matching program donates nearly $26,000 to aid Ukraine relief efforts

Donations – comprising $10,651 in employee contributions and a $15,000 corporate gift – will support efforts to alleviate suffering in Ukraine and surrounding areas. Urban Science is an organization powered […]

The EV Future

Through our research and findings we created a new, science-based methodology for capturing and analyzing the evolving views of the auto-buying public regarding the relevance of traditional automotive dealerships in the vehicle-buying process.