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Network Performance

The most certain way to connect impressions to sales.

When a customer is truly in-market, we know. Only Urban Science® lets you target, suppress, acquire, and attribute with precision.

Enhance every level of the media ecosystem

Introducing the revolutionary suite of solutions that takes the guesswork out of planning, deploying, and optimizing automotive media. Our industry-exclusive, near real-time auto sales* data empowers more precise, effective planning and targeting, and provides the one metric that gives meaning to all other metrics — sales.

* Sales refers to vehicle unit sales and does not represent vehicle price or revenue.

Dig deeper into real time sales by ZIP code, dealership, segment, and more to deploy marketing where it has the greatest effect.

See how smarter planning works

Target the customers most likely to be shopping for a vehicle in the next three months. By combining our exclusive near real time industry-wide sales data with historical sales data and insights into household demographics, we’ll help you zero in on ready-to-buy customers.

Connect with in-market buyers

Our analytics actively identify and help you suppress customers who recently purchased a vehicle and are no longer in-market so you can redeploy your resources towards customers who are still looking to buy.

Learn how suppression adds up

Calibrate your campaign measurements to the one metric that gives added meaning to all other metrics — sales. Measure cross-channel touch points to actual sales across the country to reveal a marketing campaign’s true effectiveness in near real time. Plus, see if your media target purchased from a competitor so you can optimize the campaign to defend and grow market share.

Measure true effectiveness

Discover the way to measure true success

The most comprehensive automotive sales data for the complete picture of performance

Media Performance™ is powered by the Urban Science® DataHub™ — the only source of industry-wide sales. This exclusive data is available to participating OEMs, dealers, and authorized agencies/technology partners. And since our business is data, we ensure we’re up to date on the latest security and privacy regulations; we will not disclose underlying competitive statistics at the individual level or PII of any kind.

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Comprehensive coverage

With access to over 98% of industry new vehicle sales in the U.S., our industry-exclusive data hub gives you the most complete picture of the automotive market.

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Near real-time

We get our data directly from the OEM as frequently as daily and deliver it to you in near real-time — while you can still apply it to your current campaigns.

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Deterministic matching

Urban Science statistics provide specifics into each transaction, including date of sale, ZIP code, make/model/trim, and selling dealer.

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This powerful data plugs in and is ready to go. Media Performance is universally compatible so you can unlock the power of Urban Science data on whatever platform you use.

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June 7th, 2021 Case Study

Ad Agency Tier10 Leverages Urban Science Data

Ad agency Tier10 leveraged Urban Science data to optimize its Tier II off-lease mail strategy and saw a 2.6% conversion rate.

June 2nd, 2021 Blog

Attention: You may not have your consumers attention.

Urban Science’s recent online study revealed automotive marketers might not be capturing their audiences’ attention like they think they are.


Working together to make marketing work harder

With our industry-exclusive data, the Media Performance solution has proven itself for our clients across the automotive business.

Give every campaign
the scientific advantage

The first step to launching successful campaigns.

  • We pioneered the use of daily sales activity to inform more effective marketing.
  • These groundbreaking, industry-exclusive insights allow you to design and deploy smarter more effective, more strategic marketing campaigns.
  • Focus your spend on the specific areas that matter most, including zip code, Dealer, and automotive segments.

Reach real, ready-to-buy customers.

  • Past purchase behavior is the biggest predictor of future sales, so we zero in on households with the most promising historical sales data.
  • Factor in predictive variables ranging from household’s distance from dealer, wealth indicators, life stage and even weather data.
  • Apply near-real-time sales data from actual purchases to continually validate and improve the performance of our predictive models.

Know who bought yesterday, so you can focus on who’s buying today.

  • Begin with any audience, whether it’s one of ours or one of your own.
  • Remove customers who recently purchased a vehicle.
  • Analytics enables us to intelligently add back people who purchased, but are likely to buy again.
  • Dedicate 100% of your marketing resources towards in-market customers.

Connect your sales with your media.

Use custom variables including but not limited to:

  • Vehicle model
  • Vehicle year
  • Date of sale
  • The reported MSRP

Tap into industry-wide insights.

  • Receive a notification when a target purchases a vehicle from a competitor.
  • Where available, aggregated statistics can show exactly when and where those targets are buying from.
  • With this insight, you can recalibrate your media to minimize further defections.
Urban Science

    Proactive network management to connect today’s consumers with automotive more efficiently.


    Uncover what really impacts daily performance to grow market share.


    Bring customers back to increase service retention and build long-term loyalty.


    Scientific precision to make every marketing dollar work harder.




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