Dealer Transformation Index™

Measuring dealer-consumer alignment across continued industry evolution

Urban Science® has teamed up with the Harris Poll to conduct ongoing, comprehensive research on the state of the automotive industry through the eyes of dealers and auto buyers. This page includes ongoing highlights of our findings.

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The EV Future

Prepare to meet growing demand while you still can

The impact of EVs on the future of the automotive industry can’t be overstated. Both auto buyers and dealers recognize and agree electrification has the greatest potential to change the future of the auto industry in the coming years. Preparation and optimization for increasing EV-related sales and service needs is critical – and it all starts with dealer and auto-buyer education.

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Dealership Service

Powering Thriving Dealerships With Dealer Service

Across myriad industry shifts and evolutions, healthy dealership service operations have powered thriving dealerships. Service lanes not only deliver high-margin engagements on the back end, they drive meaningful interactions that can build long-term loyalty that leads to future sales as well. To create, nurture and make the most of these opportunities, it’s critical dealers and OEMs recognize auto-buyer perceptions about how franchise stores stack up against independent repair shops – and adjust their approaches to mitigate risks and seize lucrative opportunities now and in the future.

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August 17th,  2022 Press Release

U.S. auto dealership count remains stable; EV adoption surges in Florida, southeast in first half of 2022

DETROIT, August 18, 2022 – Urban Science® today announced highlights from its 2022 midyear Automotive Franchise Activity Report (FAR), which shows continued stability for the U.S. automotive retail network despite […]

September 30th,  2022 Article

The Growing Dealership Dilemma: Get Big or Get Out

A whirlpool of uncertainty is challenging today’s automotive industry – and dealerships are being pulled into the vortex, looking for a way forward in an environment where no easy answers […]

July 7th,  2022 Article

Q&A: Preparing the Automotive Industry for a World Without Browser Cookies

The advent and evolution of digital marketing and advertising have unlocked seemingly endless opportunities for automotive brands – including the OEMs, dealers and AdTech companies we serve – to create […]

June 29th,  2022 Article

Urban Science named Corporate Partner of the Year by The Engineering Society of Detroit

Urban Science Founder and President Jim Anderson, alongside several Urban Science team members, recently attended The Engineering Society of Detroit’s (ESD) Annual Dinner at Ford Field in downtown Detroit. The […]

February 15th,  2022 Article

Urban Science gifts additional $26,000 to WSU to fund National Society of Black Engineers endowed scholarships

Detroit-based automotive consultancy and technology firm has contributed more than $50,000 to endowment fund to date; gifts are helping to narrow the diversity gap in STEM careers, will create a […]

December 5th,  2021 Article

Why Focusing on Aftersales Makes Sense Right Now.

With current new-vehicle inventories at record low levels, making the most out of your fixed ops is essential – now more than ever.

December 3rd,  2021 Article

Outstanding Recalls: Your Opportunity to Turn a Negative into a Positive for Your Customers.

Reaching out demonstrates concern in three critical ways. Let’s face it: customers consider recalls a hassle. Yet when recalls concern safety-related items, inconvenience needs to take a back seat.

September 17th,  2021 Article

How to Cash In on the EV Trifecta: Interested Consumers, EV Education, and Alternative Retail Formats.

The automotive industry is undergoing revolutionary change driven by a combination of government and regulatory pressures, environmental concerns, and growing consumer sentiment. Although EV sales remain in the low single digits, the inevitability of an electrified automotive future is fast approaching […]

September 10th,  2021 Article

The EV Path to the Electrified Future

As the automotive industry gears up for a shift to electric vehicles, EV momentum is on the upswing, with a record number of almost 100 pure battery electric vehicles set to debut by the end of 2024.

June 10th,  2021 Article

Getting Ready for the Second Wave of Electrification

The second wave of electrification is gaining momentum from both the public and private sectors. Investments made today in the nation’s electrification infrastructure promise significant dividends when electrification scales up to reach these second-wave buyers.

May 11th,  2021 Article

Agency model poses challenges – and opportunities – for dealers.

Much has already been written about the possible move from franchise to agency in automotive. With relatively few case studies to draw data from, educated speculation abounds.

April 16th,  2021 Article

Aftersales After COVID-19: A One-Year Snapshot

The many lessons learned during the pandemic need to be viewed as enhancements, rather than replacements, to the tenets of sound dealership management.

March 30th,  2021 Article

Consumers find value in online advertising – on their terms.

It’s no secret that online advertising is a great medium to capture consumers’ attention. In a recent Urban Science online study, we found that 86% of consumers find value in online ads.

December 10th,  2020 Article

Continuing through COVID: Are consumer car buying intentions changing all that much?

Urban Science recently commissioned a survey with The Harris Poll to understand how — and if — the pandemic is impacting consumer buying behaviors.

November 19th,  2020 Article

Collaboration Corner: Urban Science & The Trade Desk

Our collaborator The Trade Desk, recently broke down the 5 big myths of measurement. See what your KPI toolbox might be missing and how Urban Science and The Trade Desk […]

August 13th,  2020 Article

Collaboration Corner: Urban Science & VDX.TV

Q&A with Carl Matter, Urban Science®’s latest collaboration with Urban Science leverages their data-driven audience segments (specifically new vehicle purchasers and leasees) and helps advertisers in the automotive industry […]

July 30th,  2020 Article

Aftersales after COVID-19: What you should consider

Science Matters Insights with Piermichele Robazza, Solution Lead – Aftersales, Urban Science®

July 22nd,  2020 Article

Creating a healthy network in a pandemic age

Network Planning with Simon Bradley, Global Practice Director – Network, Urban Science

July 9th,  2020 Article

Around the Bend: How COVID-19 Impacts the Next Normal for Dealers

With COVID-19 uprooting seemingly every aspect of our daily lives, it is no surprise that consumers believe it will change the way certain industries will need to operate in the […]

May 7th,  2020 Article

Beyond the Crisis: Executing Tomorrow’s Strategy Starts Today

COVID-19 Strategies with Simon Bradley, Global Practice Director – Network, Urban Science The COVID-19 pandemic has rocked the world – literally. Read about the automotive industry, both today and moving […]

March 30th,  2020 Article

The Achilles Heel of “I Know”

The importance of paying attention to what the data is telling you.

August 14th,  2018 Article

The Potential and Pitfalls of Automotive Subscription Services

Automotive Subscription Services offer consumers a new way to use a vehicle and programs are being piloted across the globe.

July 9th,  2018 Article

The art of applying alternative retail formats

There is an art in applying Alternative Retail Formats, and it’s best revealed through science.

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The Growing Dealership Dilemma: Get Big or Get Out

A whirlpool of uncertainty is challenging today’s automotive industry – and dealerships are being pulled into the vortex, looking for a way forward in an environment where no easy answers […]

Urban Science launches industry first solution to help dealer groups inform high-stakes M&A decisions with near-real-time industry sales data, scientific precision

Urban Science® today announced the launch of MarketGrowth™, a first-of-its-kind, best-in-class solution that taps the company’s unrivaled near-real-time industry sales* data to empower dealer groups, marketing agencies and the consultants who support them to better understand market performance and potential across all brands and geographies.

How a dealer leveraged ServiceView to drive month-over-month service performance success to become a top national performing dealer

The Problem Due to overall industry factors, the dealer needed to maximize service retention and boost aftersales revenue to compensate for a deficiency of new vehicle sales. Beyond that, as […]