Dealer Transformation Index™

Measuring dealer-consumer alignment across continued industry evolution

Urban Science® has teamed up with the Harris Poll to conduct ongoing, comprehensive research on the state of the automotive industry through the eyes of dealers and auto buyers. This page includes ongoing highlights of our findings.

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The EV Future

Prepare to meet growing demand while you still can

The impact of EVs on the future of the automotive industry can’t be overstated. Both auto buyers and dealers recognize and agree electrification has the greatest potential to change the future of the auto industry in the coming years. Preparation and optimization for increasing EV-related sales and service needs is critical – and it all starts with dealer and auto-buyer education.

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Dealership Service

Powering Thriving Dealerships With Dealer Service

Across myriad industry shifts and evolutions, healthy dealership service operations have powered thriving dealerships. Service lanes not only deliver high-margin engagements on the back end, they drive meaningful interactions that can build long-term loyalty that leads to future sales as well. To create, nurture and make the most of these opportunities, it’s critical dealers and OEMs recognize auto-buyer perceptions about how franchise stores stack up against independent repair shops – and adjust their approaches to mitigate risks and seize lucrative opportunities now and in the future.

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May 13th,  2022

Dealership Service

Across myriad industry shifts and evolutions, healthy dealership service operations have powered thriving dealerships.

November 15th,  2021 Blog

Urban Science’s Nashville team holds diaper drive to help children, families in need

Urban Scientists in Music City recently put our commitment to community into practice to assist Nashville Diaper Connection (NDC) on its mission to ensure every baby in Davidson County – home to Nashville – has enough diapers to stay clean, dry and healthy. 

November 11th,  2021 Blog

Detroit-based Urban Scientists team up with Life Remodeled to beautify the Motor City

Earlier this month, more than 30 Urban Scientists who work in our company’s Detroit headquarters came together and rolled up their sleeves to support the Life Remodeled Six-Day Project […]

November 5th,  2021 Blog

Urban Science awards $25,000 to create engineering pathways for metro Detroit girls, diversify STEM fields

Detroit-headquartered company’s expanded commitment to ESD Girls in Engineering Academy marks $50,000 in total support since 2020 
November 4th,  2021 Blog

Urban Scientists gather to celebrate Diwali, India’s biggest and most important holiday

Detroit-based Urban Scientists recently met up for our company’s annual Diwali celebration lunch organized by our headquarters’ employee committee and our colleagues of Indian heritage.

October 20th,  2021 Blog

Urban Science CIO Elizabeth Klee earns top honor from MichiganCIO

We’re proud to announce Elizabeth Klee – our company’s top tech leader – was awarded a MichiganCIO 2021 CIO of the Year ORBIE Award during a recent ceremony […]

June 2nd,  2021 Blog

Attention: You may not have your consumers attention.

Urban Science’s recent online study revealed automotive marketers might not be capturing their audiences’ attention like they think they are.

March 18th,  2021 Blog

The Unbreakable Value Of The In-Person Test Drive

If there has ever been any doubt regarding the relevance of the in-person test drive, we have confirmed loud and clear that it is here to stay.

February 5th,  2021 Blog

In-Market Shoppers Online Behavior Unlocked

During the coronavirus pandemic, many of us find ourselves online more – browsing, connecting with friends, or simply passing time – but how much more is more? In a recent […]

December 11th,  2020 Blog

Offline sales measurement: How it fits and why you need to have it

Measuring digital media with offline sales has historically been a challenge for automotive advertisers.

November 9th,  2020 Blog

Dealer Survey Points to Three Ways to Combat Inventory Shortage Problems

Exploring recent survey data from the Urban Science® COVID-19 Dealer Survey This survey was conducted online within the U.S. by Urban Science to understand the impact of the pandemic on […]

June 18th,  2020 Blog

Automotive sales are down, but not gone – now is not the time to go quiet

The new normal. I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase a time or two recently, as people continue to adjust to the massive disruption caused by COVID-19. But what is the […]

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Dealership Service

Across myriad industry shifts and evolutions, healthy dealership service operations have powered thriving dealerships.

Urban Science gift-matching program donates nearly $26,000 to aid Ukraine relief efforts

Donations – comprising $10,651 in employee contributions and a $15,000 corporate gift – will support efforts to alleviate suffering in Ukraine and surrounding areas. Urban Science is an organization powered […]

The EV Future

Through our research and findings we created a new, science-based methodology for capturing and analyzing the evolving views of the auto-buying public regarding the relevance of traditional automotive dealerships in the vehicle-buying process.