Dealer Transformation Index™

Measuring dealer-consumer alignment across continued industry evolution

Urban Science® has teamed up with the Harris Poll to conduct ongoing, comprehensive research on the state of the automotive industry through the eyes of dealers and auto buyers. This page includes ongoing highlights of our findings.

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The EV Future

Prepare to meet growing demand while you still can

The impact of EVs on the future of the automotive industry can’t be overstated. Both auto buyers and dealers recognize and agree electrification has the greatest potential to change the future of the auto industry in the coming years. Preparation and optimization for increasing EV-related sales and service needs is critical – and it all starts with dealer and auto-buyer education.

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Dealership Service

Powering Thriving Dealerships With Dealer Service

Across myriad industry shifts and evolutions, healthy dealership service operations have powered thriving dealerships. Service lanes not only deliver high-margin engagements on the back end, they drive meaningful interactions that can build long-term loyalty that leads to future sales as well. To create, nurture and make the most of these opportunities, it’s critical dealers and OEMs recognize auto-buyer perceptions about how franchise stores stack up against independent repair shops – and adjust their approaches to mitigate risks and seize lucrative opportunities now and in the future.

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Digital Retailing

Finding a Sustainable Middle Ground Between Dealers, Customers and OEMs

While digital channels have been embraced for many years in dealership sales and service operations, today a number of OEMs believe there’s significant opportunity to offer a complete end-to-end purchase experience that happens entirely online.

But is that what customers really want? Or do consumers still value the in-person dealership experience – even if there are some elements of it they dislike? The answers may surprise you and should guide OEMs and dealers toward a thoughtful approach to creating the purchase processes of tomorrow.

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August 17th,  2022 Press Release

U.S. auto dealership count remains stable; EV adoption surges in Florida, southeast in first half of 2022

DETROIT, August 18, 2022 – Urban Science® today announced highlights from its 2022 midyear Automotive Franchise Activity Report (FAR), which shows continued stability for the U.S. automotive retail network despite […]

December 8th,  2020 Quick Look

AutoHook Quick Tip: Boost Performance Of Specific Models – New Or Used

Inventory may be hard to come by these days, but it can also be hard to get rid of. Depending on the unique intricacies of your market, we know there […]

February 18th,  2019 Quick Look

Urban Science D.C. Office Moves to New Location

The Washington D.C. team relocates to newer, more efficient office space.

February 14th,  2019 Quick Look

Urban Science Rome Office Move to Modern Location

Urban Science Rome Office Move to Modern Location

March 1st,  2018 Quick Look

Urban Science Opens Doors To New Office In Plano, Texas

We expanded our reach into Plano, Texas to support our original equipment manufacturer, Toyota Motors North America, Inc.

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Service Lanes: The Untapped Powerhouse for New-Vehicle Sales.

Measuring service-to-sales conversion performance is key. Know how you stack up.

Long Beach Urban Scientists mesh philanthropy, volunteerism to support foster kids through Together We Rise

This fall, Long Beach-based Urban Scientists doubled down on their commitment to #Community by coming together to assemble activity kits with Together We Rise, a non-profit that works to improve […]

In an Ever-Changing Marketplace, You Need Timely and Actionable Defection Data on Your Side.

There are a number of factors contributing to the roller coaster-like ride of the automotive marketplace. Macro-economic conditions are slowing demand and moderating prices at the same time as production and inventory levels are rebounding off their pandemic-related lows.